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A little extra help to get active

Don’t want to go to the gym, or not sure there’s a gym near you? There are over 500 health and fitness facilities to choose from (you can use our club finder to help), but if you don’t want to visit the gym – that’s all right. Sometimes it’s not convenient, or you’d rather exercise alone. But if you can, we’d like to encourage you to stay healthy and get active in other ways...

Get active in little ways, every day

You don’t have to take part in team activities, or become a sports fan, to get active. Doing some light physical activity around the home could help you improve your flexibility and fitness. You may be surprised how many calories you can burn, just looking after your home. For example, see how many calories you could burn with half an hour spent:

  • Walking slowly (at 2mph) - 99
  • Ironing (30 mins) and vacuuming (30 mins) - 152
  • Doing aerobics - 273
  • Washing and waxing a car (1 hour) - 300
  • Swimming (breast stroke) - 332
  • Gardening or mowing the lawn - 360
  • Walking quickly (at 6 mph) - 370

There are a few pieces of general advice to remember about getting active that will help you, if you’re not ‘feeling fit’ at the moment:

  • Try to make exercise an enjoyable part of your life, and get into the routine of getting active.
  • Be progressive and increase the amount of exercise you do gently.
  • Try a little of everything – stretching, cardiovascular work, stamina work – and think about your whole body when you exercise.
  • Take advice – all of our gym partners are happy to help you get active at your own pace. If you have any specific health concerns, your GP will always be happy to talk about staying healthy and improving your fitness.
  • And remember to provide fuel for your body. Choosing foods containing fibre help fill us up for longer so they make us less likely to overeat and help control weight.
    • Fibre is found in fruit and veg too – where possible leave the skin on to get even more fibre.
    • Try snacking on a small handful of unsalted nuts and seeds. Or dip some carrot or cucumber sticks in reduced fat hummus – it’ll up your fibre and the veg contributes towards your 5 a day as well.

Read more information about getting active, staying healthy and improving your wellbeing. Find out more about what you could do on the government’s Change4Life website. Or if one area of fitness interests you more than others, read more at: